RIC „Eco-innovations”

„Eco-innovations” is a project which, by making use of scientific potential of the research and development units will provoke growth of competitiveness in Lubuskie province. Economic development of the region depends on the free knowledge exchange between scientists and small and medium enterprises, therefore introducing right infrastructure enabling such transfer seems to be indispensable.

The aim of the Research-Implementation Center „Eco-innovations” is:

  • To identify technological needs and transfer knowledge from the world of science to enterprises by establishing cooperation between research units and a SMEs sector,
  • To promote small and medium companies using modern technologies,
  • To reduce risk taken by companies when investing in innovative solutions,
  • To test new technologies before they are implemented,
  • To minimize the costs of introducing to enterprises the technologies being tested and prototypes.

Research-Implementation Center „Eco-innovations” consists of 4 research units dealing with:

  1. neutralizing of liquid and semi-liquid waste,
  2. analizing technological processes which use high-temperature gasification of waste,
  3. processing of hazardous waste (including baterries, catalisators, accumulators, cables, electric and electrical waste) in order to test extracting, inactivation and recycling of compounds of precious metals,
  4. safety engineering of technological processes and work safety of SMEs workers.

Research implementation Center „Eco – innovations” offers:

  • collecting information about enterpreneurs’ needs and establishing contacts with scientists having technologies which are useful from the business point of view,
  • technological advice on implementing new services and products as well as help in gaining funds for research and implementation,
  • preparation of applications for programmes promoting innovation,
  • help in searching foreign partners and in examination for patentability.